About Thmins

Thmins Lighting Co., Ltd, established in 1996, is a professional enterprise specialized in the manufacturing of a complete series of lighting products covering lighting fixtures, electrical components and all kinds of lights, such as ,tunnel light, flood light, high bay light and so on.

Core values

The company's core values are beliefs rooted in the deepest of our heart. That’s intrinsic motivation of our past progress and shared commitment to future development. It ensures that we unite together to provide effective services for customers and realize our vision of bettering people’s life with the help of lightings.

Serving customers

We put customer’s need in the first place and response quickly to customer’s demand. Providing effective services for customers is how we achieve our self-value. Serving customers is help ourselves.

Working hard

Working hard is an effective way to win respect and trust of customers, it embodied in the small activities we do for customers, as well as in the efforts we try to improve ourselves. We believe that through hard work we shall get well returned.


Self-criticism is to improve ourselves rather than self-denial. Only by adhering to self-criticism, can we better listen to, respect and cooperate with others, which shall contribute to personal development.

Being sincere and faithful

Only with a sincere heart, can we practice what we promised and keep our commitments. Integrity is our most important intangible assets, which win customer’s trust for us.